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Kino MacGregor


Author, Beachbum, Yogi 💕 @miamilifecenter @omstarsofficial ⚡ Workshops: Argentina, Brazil, Atlanta Online Classes Only at Omstars.com 🧘‍♀️

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Hola Buenos Aires. Estoy muy feliz de estar aquí. After an eight hour overnight flight the best way for me to feel I’ve landed is to walk around and snap a quick yoga selfie. See you in class this weekend! Come practice 🙏 _ Details: http://www.kinoenargentina.com _ #yoga #argentina #buenosaires #yogi #yogini
You will always be the place my heart calls home. I am so grateful that we have the honor and privilege to share this life together. #happyvalentinesday @timfeldmannyoga 💗 I love you no matter where we are in the world. You’re in Copenhagen and I’m on the way to Argentina and Brazil. We will back home together soon, but not soon enough. I can’t wait for snuggles and for you to make me laugh again.
Not every day is a perfect day at the beach (although here in Miami many days are). Not every practice is flowy and fun (but some certainly are). Not every day of a relationship is a honeymoon (but many days are filled with love). _ This is my work, my process, my real and honest practice. If you feel yourself getting down on yourself or playing the comparison game, remember your work is unique to your spiritual growth. My work is unique to my spiritual growth. It may be different but there is no “better”. Jealousy and judgement are lessons to work through too. I experience them myself, more often than you’d think. I was never a #dancer or a #gymnast and #practice does not come easily to me. I had a breakdown today working on my last pose, which seems so impossible.  _ Breakthroughs don’t happen where you’re comfortable. Big change happens at the edge of your limits. Through blood, sweat and tears you find the courage to try, and then, sooner or later, the impossible becomes possible. This is  #yoga.
Ok, so yoga isn’t all about handstands and crazy poses. I consider this pure fun, enjoyment, sensory pleasure, hedonism even. So why post? Why share? Because sometimes joy comes from breaking all the rules.  There is no question that I am a devoted disciplined practitioner of the ancient lineage of yoga. I dedicate time each day to meditation, pranayama, asana, scripture study. I’ve done so many he past 20 years. And in that I am striving to grow, to be a better person, to evolve. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a day at the #beach and a few #handstands for #fun.  If life is only fun, if #yoga is only tricks and games one-up-manship of extreme ableism, then we are left with hollow gymnastics. But if the majority of your time is spent in sincere self-reflection and deep #practice, there is nothing wrong with letting your hair down when it makes you smile. It’s all about balance 🙏  #miami
Working on a solid foundation in tripod headstand builds so much strength.  This video was filmed in Mysore, India. I’ve spent a portion of nearly every year there for the past 20 years studying yoga.  While I have no doubt that the practice itself looked different years ago, the core of yoga remains changeless, eternal as the human spirit. I for one am blessed to have the gift of yoga in my life.  Practice with me on @omstarsofficial www.omstars.com  #yoga #india #yogi #yogini #headstand #armbalance #yogaanywhere
Sunshine. Sundays. Beach. Blue skies. Puffy clouds. Handstands. Bikinis. It could just about be paradise.  _ But really, I am just overwhelmed with the beauty of the ocean after having been away for awhile. The sound of waves rolling in, the feeling of the water and the sand between my toes.  _ On a rare Sunday off, I’m enjoying every bit of the sun. How about you? _ Next workshops:  Buenos Aires Rio de Janeiro Atlanta, GA Come practice 🧘‍♀️ _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 🙏
Sometimes time, or maybe life, seems circular, like all the progress we appear to make on straight lines is really just another turn around the same center. We change our perspective but the core remains unchanged. Our view is linear, and yet, there are loops and folds contained within even the most narrow path. True change is rare, while the appearance of change is everywhere. Liberty, every being’s birthright, lives unvanquished in the heart and can never be governed by the laws of humans—it is so potent that it terrifies nearly everyone who tastes it. So, what then? What of us, the seekers, the yogis or the world? Well, we represent something dare I say revolutionary, a presence whose critical mass has the spark it takes to change the world. Make no mistake, yoga is not just lifting and bending on a sticky mat. Yoga is a quest for freedom, not only for oneself but for every being in the universe. If you call yourself a yogi, steady yourself, because you will need courage for the long and treacherous journey ahead. It will not be easy. You may be asked to sacrifice all that you know and all that you are. You will doubt, question, wander, sleep, fight, kick, scream and nearly quit. But if you are sincere in your heart, you cannot and will not ever give up. You will walk with determination, step by step. And when you cannot walk, you will crawl. When that too is impossible, others will step in and carry you and be your strength. When your strength has returned, you will rise, and run and jump and, yes, you will lift and carry others through their weakness. And together, as one body, we are the magical alchemy that has the power to transmute ordinary dirt into metal. We can shift the center of the circle of time, break the inertia of generations of suffering, aiming straight as an arrow for the pathway to liberation. But only if we keep practicing.  _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime  Photo @ifilmyoga 🙏
Home sweet home.  _ It feels like the world has turned upside down. I’m still me, but something has shifted. It often takes me a few months or more to integrate the deep learning that happens in Mysore. I can’t say where I’m going, or what will happen next. It feels ineffable and yet utterly tangible. _ It’s one thing to be young and wide-eyed. And it’s another to keep your innocence amidst the tumultuous turns of life. I feel a return to love, a kind of journey home, but also a reckoning and an awakening.  _ Right now I am a mix of opposites, not disturbed by either pole. _ Calm and eager. Relaxed and toned. Sleepy and wakeful. Innocent and knowing.  Blameless and repentant. Lost and found. Hungry and full. Clear and cloudy.  Bubbly and reserved.  Soft and strong.  Vulnerable and safe.  Teacher and student.  Hopeful and skeptical.  Revealed and hidden.  Agony and ecstasy. _ The balance between the pull of opposing forces is perhaps one of the deepest yogic experiences. To be in the midst of great chaos and yet to be the peace. I feel this now. Maybe only for a moment, but in this moment may I find all eternity.  _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime  Leggings @omstarsofficial X @liquidoactive  Photo @ifilmyoga 💗
India. I love you. I can’t believe I’m leaving now. I leave with a fuller heart, a kinder soul and a brighter spirit, with more joy and love in all the right places. Thank you.  _ For every student of yoga, I can only encourage you to dive deeply into this ancient tradition. There is depth beyond measure in the kernels of the lineage.  _ A student asked me what advice I have for the practice. Here’s my reply—make your heart receptive to the teaching, become the fertile ground that the seed of yoga will flourish in. Be willing at any moment to unlearn, to be a beginner, to toss your pride and ego aside. Never stop seeking. And of course, keep practicing. _ Photo by love @timfeldmannyoga @kaivalyadhama  #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 💗
I think I’m in love 😍 The cows of Kaivalyadham have stolen my heart. If you’re going to do dairy, this is the way—have your own cows and take care of them, owning the full consequence of their lives. The reason I’m vegan is because I don’t support industrialized dairy. If all cows were treated like this, it would be a different story. Not to mention that dairy would be a small scale operation rather than the giant scale of the dairy industry. _ I feel the love here. These cows are treated as sacred beings and the method of caring for them is considered devotion. Each cow has a name and they are only milked after their calf has its fill. They are fed three times a day with fresh grass, fruit, veggies and nuts—no leftovers because the cow as a sacred being should not eat food that has touched the mouth of a human. While I still didn’t drink their milk, I have no moral issue with dairy done like this, with a peaceful, kind heart. _ I have so much respect for the way things are done here at Kaivalyadham. All food waste is composted. Solar panels provide the majority of energy. Cow manure fertilizers the organic garden and cow urine is used as a natural insecticide. All food is prepared following sattvic guidelines. Thousands of ancient yogic texts are preserved in library. Scientific research on the effects of different yoga practices are carried out with precision. The heart and soul of yoga shines through in everything.  _ Watch my stories to see my full love affair with these cows 🐮 _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 🙏
Hanumānasana, the splits, named after the heroic jump that the mythological figure known as Hanumān made from the bottommost tip of India to Sri Lanka. It is said that the supernatural strength it took to leap in a split such an impossible distance came from his devotion to Rama. For yogis the symbolism is quite powerful. There are so many things, from poses to other big life changes, that are made possible only through intense devotion to one’s teacher or Guru. By our own efforts alone, caught in the chains of the ego, we often fall short of our highest potential. But under the guidance of a true teacher, the light in our hearts shines through and grows to be brighter and brighter. One of the definitions of a Guru is one whose presence dispels the darkness.  _ I for one would love to have Hanumān’s magical power of traversing great distances in one leap. After an awesome weekend of teaching in Mumbai, I’ve just arrived to Kaivalyadham in Lonavala after a rather long and traffic-filled drive. Well, I guess I have much more practice left to do! Meanwhile, I must say that the peaceful energy here is simply divine.  _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime  Photo taken in Mumbai by @timfeldmannyoga 🙏
I fell out of this pose every day for nearly two full years before it started happening. I remember being so frustrated one day that I tried Pinchamayurasana close to 20 times right in a row. It got worse and worse after the first three tries. I have a rule I work with now—three tries maximum per day per pose. Then, let it go. Like baseball, three strikes and you’re out. Live to practice another day and embrace the process over the goal. Surrender to what is. _ Strength is not something that comes easily for me, not physical or emotional. But it is something I have learned. And you know what, I truly believe that you can learn to be strong too. All you need to do is put in the work little by little and you will find yourself making immense progress on every plane. It’s not about attaining the perfect pose or measuring your success as a yogi by how long you a handstand. It’s about what the journey has to teach you.  _ What I’ve learned along my journey to strength is how to believe in myself, how to have faith in the impossible and how to never give up. What you learn is unique to your path. It is a vital contribution to the world.  _ I’ve also learned that no pose will make you happy and no pose will prove your worthiness. You either learn to be happy where you are and enjoy the journey or you’ll bring your misery with you into your next pose. You’re either whole and complete now as you are or you’ll use asana as another false idol to worship and as armor for the ego.  _ It’s about practice because the continuity and discipline it takes to come back to your mat for decades reveals your natural state of joy, like a diamond being polished so that it shines and dances with light. _ Amazing day of teaching in Mumbai @truebayindiayoga Enjoying every moment of this incredible city. Photo @timfeldmannyoga  Staying @tajlandsend 🙏


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